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Mix it Up with The Stīl Trust

Why shopping your own closet is the smartest thing you can do

“Shopping” your own closet helps you save money, time, and the environment all at once. Let The Stīl Trust show you how to find your personal style with existing items in your closet with our signature “StyleMatch” service.


Go from (style) zero to (fashion) hero

We've all been there—you have a ton of cute tops you found at Nordstrom, a killer shoe and boot collection, oodles of skirts and dresses, and piles upon piles of denim. But... the thrill is gone. Things feel a bit disjointed, and getting dressed in the morning feels like a huge hassle. Are these clothes even you anymore?


Start with a reboot

But before you run out and drop some serious cash on retail therapy, may we suggest signing up for your very own closet therapist a.k.a. your Stīl Trust stylist? After all, you've already invested time and money into finding the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe, right? Sign up for StyleMatch, and our stylists will help you remix the pieces you already own to create new looks that you'll love. It's (a lot) less expensive than a spending spree, and a ton of fun to rediscover your personal style just waiting to be unearthed from the back of your closet.

Cute Outfit with Pink Sweater and Skirt