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The Stīl Trust began as the brainchild of Asbasia Mikhail, The Stīl Trust’s founder and CEO. After wearing a school uniform for the first 18 years of her life, Asbasia never had to worry about choosing an outfit. After high school and into her professional years, Asbasia found it more and more difficult to find a complete look that fit her personal style, especially after becoming a mother. With a growing number of responsibilities to juggle, she often didn’t have the luxury of time to shop for herself.

After running into this problem time and time again, she came up with the idea of a service where people could ask an expert online for fashion advice. Fast-forward ten years, and that idea has blossomed into The Stīl Trust, an online service for busy, style-minded women and men to easily access fast and expert styling advice tailored to their personal tastes.